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I created Your Concert because I am a huge fan of live music. We believe it is the heart and soul of music, and if a band can’t rock live… well then they shouldn’t bother!

We started this site in 2005 to support local music across the country and to eventually make available the concerts you have been to, so you can re-live that special moment. Presently we only offer links to the best sites I have found out there for Free Live Concert Downloads and Live Music Downloads in general.

Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions about some of your favorite music sites I should promote.


Jonathan photoHave you every been in a bad mood and music was the cure? Well of coarse you have. Now, have you every put on a recording of a show you attended that took you back to that happy place and time. If not you are missing out. I conceived this site to make it easier for you to find those shows and some you never imagined were out there.

We put this website on hold for the last 9 years as the music industry evolved and we developed our design, printing & internet marketing company Evolved Design.

Since we specialize in Design for Print and Web, SEO & Internet Marketing, I inadvertently made this site raise to the top of the search engines for the best key phrases like “Concert Downloads” and “Free Concert Downloads”. As I notices the thousands of hits we were getting every month I decided to re-launch this website.

We are very excited about the eventual development of our Local Music Network. This will be a social network searchable by City and State that bands can create there profiles with there live music audio and video’s, events calendars, links to there band sites and you will be able to share your photo’s, video’s and recordings with them.

Hope you enjoy the music. Please email me with any links you think I should add to the Live Concert Resource page.

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